What does Energy supply look like in the future?

Why Energy Storage?

The implementation of the energy system transformation is only possible through technological progress:

  • The Energy landscape is about to change fundamentally. Not at least, because the CO2 emissions have to be brought down by 80%. Therefore we are in need of renewable energy.
  • Apart from all advantages of the renewable energies, an integral disadvantage remains: The generated electrical energy is not always needed, when produced. In reverse, its energy is not reliably available at all times, when needed during peak hours. This is where baseload power comes in: The base load on a grid is the minimum level of demand on an electrical grid over 24 hours. Baseload power sources are power stations which can consistently generate the electrical power needed to satisfy this minimum demand.
  • Energy from solar power is bountifully available in times, when the sun shines. If, and only if the sun shines, during many of those hours of generation, people are not in need of so much energy for heating and lighting. Only a few early birds make use of the early morning wind. Therefore a serious and unsolved problem for the baseload using renewable energy is the efficient and cost-effective Storage of Energy
  • Gravity Energy AG will solve this problem by offering a solution with a clean and environmentally compatible Technology.