Research and Demonstration Plant Weilheim (upper Bavaria, Germany)

Gravity Energy AG is planning and will construct a 1MW Research and Demonstration Plant on the ground of the municipal works of Weilheim i.OB. ( System seal testing to derisk the GPP is underway at L├╝beck in Northern Germany. Core drilling at the Weiheim site has been completed and the results of the pending geotechincal analysis will be provided to our expert partners to net firm demo plant designs for contractor bids moving forward.

The construction of this plant serves as proof of concept

  • The possibility of erecting such plants
  • The operability of the Gravity Power Plant storage technology
  • The different application possibilities:
    • To store energy over-production
    • To balance current fluctuations in the grid while using green energy
    • To avoid black-outs
    • To optimize fossil and nuclear Energy production
    • To participate in intraday power trading
    • To integrate in virtual power plants and/or smart communities
  • The cost effective operation of such plants;
  • The scalability up to commercial storage capacity like pumped storage hydro.

Planning, design construction and results will be scientifically proven and certified by Fraunhofer Institue for Building Physics (

Upon completion, including the proof of concept, the GPPS-Plant will be operated by Stadtwerke Weilheim i. OB.

GPPS Funktionsprizip

Weilheim Energy change

Innovative energy storage planned

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